Our Vision

We Deliver Energy, Carbon-Free.

Wind and solar are the most economic sources of energy, hands-down. But wind and solar combined currently serve less than 5% of overall energy usage in the United States. This is not due to a lack of supply: wind and solar resources are ample. Nor is this due to a lack of demand: the world demands more wind and solar energy. The reason: lack of infrastructure.

Delivered to Demand. On Demand.

North America needs to decarbonize its power grid. North America also needs to decarbonize its economy. Infrastructure ensures that energy gets delivered, but our current infrastructure is not built to deliver wind and solar energy. Synergetic is developing infrastructure that delivers wind and solar energy at the right time, in the right place, and in the right quantity.

21st Century Infrastructure

Infrastructure development and planning processes have not kept pace with the rapid evolution of the power grid and electricity generation resource mix. As the world moves toward decarbonization, the same will hold true with respect to the infrastructure that serves broader energy markets. The next few decades will require:

  • significant investment in new electricity transmission, distribution and storage networks;
  • enormous volumes of new zero-carbon power generation;
  • a vast scale-up of electrolyzer manufacturing capacity; and
  • new energy – and specifically hydrogen and ammonia – transmission, distribution and storage networks.

Synergetic will unlock and unleash the power of renewable energy by developing new infrastructure in areas with rich wind and solar resources.

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment in the energy industry. The Synergetic team is clear-eyed about the enormity and complexity of the challenges we face. The Synergetic team also believes that when people collaborate in the face of a common threat, anything is possible. We look forward to partnering with landowners, governments, energy market participants, regulators and any others who share our vision and sense of purpose.