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Wind & Solar Power with Oil & Gas Logistics.

Wind and solar are the most economical sources of energy. But wind and solar combined currently serve only about 6% of overall energy usage in the United States. This is not due to a lack of supply: wind and solar resources are ample. Nor is this due to a lack of demand: the world demands more wind and solar energy. The reason: lack of infrastructure. Turning wind and sun into hydrogen gas and moving through pipelines will be transformational for the future economy.

Cost Reduction through Scale.

Synergetic is accelerating the adoption of green hydrogen by focusing on large-scale development in strategic locations. Our focus is solving technical and market challenges to deploy large-scale hydrogen: water, geology, renewable energy, delivery, storage markets and policy.

Our Team

The Synergetic team brings tremendous experience in renewable energy project development and by leveraging extensive industry contacts has assembled an impressive stable of technical, legal and financial consultants.


Hydrogen Industry Support of Strong 45V Rules

Hydrogen Industry Support of Strong 45V Rules

The undersigned companies include the world’s largest supplier of hydrogen, a major U.S. based electrolyzer manufacturer, and large hydrogen and renewable energy developers. Together, our ...

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